Letter: Fun, challenging way to get fit


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I’d like to welcome Darcie Sosa, the new voice of the 413 weekly section of The Eagle. In her debut article (Jan. 2), Darcie writes about one of my favorite topics: health and fitness. She mentions how resolutions are often broken within months of New Year’s Day because we make unrealistic expectations even with the best intentions. Darcie also encourages us to "seek out and try different things," in regards to fitness classes and routines.

Three years ago, I, too, sought out a new fitness class. A friend told me about classes being held at the Lenox Community Center. Like Darcie’s boot camp, the class was challenging beyond my comfort zone but I was hooked from the first day.

Three years later, I continue to seek out and try different things yet I’ve never had to search beyond TK-Fit. Tricia McCormack, the sole proprietor and instructor, is a master exercise physiologist. Her workouts are always different, extremely motivating and best of all, fun. In her cardio blast class, Tricia introduced HIIT (high intensity interval training) way before it became popular in the Berkshires. She motivates students to "be uncomfortable" because this is the key to weight loss and/or becoming fit.

Tricia also challenges us to do things we never thought possible such as run a 5k or compete in a wood stacking relay race! But most of all, Tricia has created a community of healthy women (and a few men) who strive to work hard, support each other and have fun.

Darcie, I encourage you to seek out and try TK-Fit. I am confident you’ll be hard pressed to find classes more innovative, challenging, supportive, and fun. You can check out the schedule on TK-Fit.com.




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