Letter: Fund Mt. Greylock feasibility study


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was raised in Hancock, and graduated from Mount Greylock Regional High School. I formed several lifelong friendships there, including meeting my husband, and we now live in Lanesborough. Our two children and the children of many of those lifelong friends attend, or will attend, Mount Greylock. We are proud to be members of a vibrant community of hard-working, well educated families in Hancock, Lanesborough, Williamstown, and New Ashford.

Tonight, my husband and I, along with our friends, will attend the town meeting at Lanesborough Elementary School. Among the 33 articles on our warrant for this meeting is Article 21, the feasibility study for Mount Greylock Regional High School. To me, there is no more important issue than this.

I am grateful for the excellent education my children are receiving and for the one my husband and I received there decades ago. The faculty and staff are caring and dedicated professionals, the curriculum is strong, the school culture is both diverse and fiercely united. Our sports teams are wildly successful, and our students are growing into thoughtful, insightful, and inquisitive members of the community. I could not be more proud to be a Mount Greylock Mountie.

What makes this all the more amazing is that all of this growth has taken place in a building that is fundamentally unsafe, unsound, and unacceptable for our students. The theater has been condemned, forcing our productions to take place off-site. There is mold in the airways and condensation on the floors that has caused school closures. There is no fire suppression system and inadequate security leaving our children vulnerable to countless health and safety risks.

I encourage all voters in Lanesborough to attend the town meeting and to vote in favor of funding the feasibility study for Mount Greylock Regional High School. The feasibility study is the first necessary step in fixing these and other problems, and providing the quality building and education that our students deserve, both for this generation and those to come.

Go Mounties!




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