Letter: Gaetani has earned city’s respect


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am writing in reference to Craig C. Gaetani’s letter to the editor of July 18, "Spiteful City Hall misses major opportunity."

I have known Mr. Gaetani for more than 40 years, and I know him to be a sincere individual who is concerned about everything. I followed his progress in the early 1980s in bringing Kroftka technology to Pittsfield as an alternative to what the city was considering. It may be hard for many readers to comprehend that through his efforts he did indeed save city residents more than $100 million by convincing then Mayor Charles L. Smith and the City Council that the technology he helped create, "the Kroftka sandfloat," was the best way for the city to go early in building the new drinking water filtration plants.

Mr. Gaetani is a very straightforward individual, and he tells it like it is. His attitude has saved every taxpayer and utility ratepayer of the city of Pittsfield more money than any other person in Pittsfield’s history past, present, and hopefully in the future. The negative treatment that he incurred by Mayor Bianchi, Mr. Collingwood and the full City Council is abhorrent. I hope that Mr. Gaetani does run for mayor in the future, and Mr. Gaetani is very correct in stating that unless we city residents go out to vote these types of individuals that Mr. Gaetani is dealing with now will be back in office.

I suggest to anyone who cares about our city to call or write to Mr. Gaetani, and encourage him to run for mayor in 2015. Thank you, Mr. Gaetani for opening the eyes of our city residents about this matter, and good luck in what you do.




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