Letter: 'Gay conversion therapy' based on bias, not science

'Gay conversion therapy' based on bias, not science

To the editor:

I am disgusted, but not surprised, that The Berkshire Eagle would print such a hateful piece like that of the Feb. 15 letter to the editor from Robin Greenspan, "Gay conversion therapy has worked for many." It is sad that people in our "modern" society feel that if they dislike something, or if something makes them uncomfortable, then they get to decide if it is all right for others to act or feel a certain way. Its apparent to me that the only people who seek to cure "unwanted same-sex attraction," are the ignorant bigots who are offended by homosexuality in the first place.

Why is it that we, as an enlightened society, feel an entitlement that allows us to voice our opinions or to poke our nose into people's lives where it has absolutely no business being. I find it curious that Greenspan invokes the First Amendment as if it was tailored to the claim that this "conversion therapy" has any benefit to anyone, or even actually works. How can this person be taken remotely seriously without presenting more proof than a random name and a g-mail address. What, no scientific journal citation? No peer-reviewed article? I wonder why?

I have never heard of a man or woman seeking out conversion therapy unless they have been browbeaten and made to feel inferior by the misguided, holier-than-thou Judeo-Christian American establishment. While I am not gay, there are many people of whom I call friends (and whom I would never out in a newspaper article to prove a point) that identify as gay and might tell Greenspan and that ilk that they are the ones in need of some conversion therapy.

Aaron Biros, Adams


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