Letter: Generalizations lead to prejudice


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Please do not begin a paragraph by denying the very thing you about to say. ("We’re picking up some bad habits," letter, August 11.) Generalizations are at best uninformed, at worst dangerous, fomenting prejudice and hatred.

I am from neither New York nor New Jersey, but having traveled extensively throughout the country I can assure you there are good drivers and bad drivers, well-behaved individuals and rude individuals, in every part of the nation.

As to the writer’s "little town" being overrun by those "impatient, rude, selfish" folks from New Jersey and New York, I assume you are not a restaurateur, hotelier or local merchant, all of whom benefit greatly from the presence of visitors from other areas. If you do not approve of generalizations, please refrain from using them.




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