Letter: Get all the info on climate change


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It seems to me that anyone who isn’t living under a rock must have seen one or more of the recent letters to the editors or opinion pieces referencing concern over climate change.

During the past few years I have tried to stay current with the ongoing studies and voluminous publications on the subject, the huge majority of which reiterate the orchestrated agenda of the UN international Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , a government sponsored, politically affiliated organization.

To be fair about it I have also read a number of publications that pose additional questions about climate change and the conclusions reached by the IPCC while also contributing their data, information most readers never see and never will in most of the liberal-leaning periodicals.

The question then is why is this so? Is it because the NIPCC, (a non-governmental International Panel of Climate Change) asks valid questions and submits data the UNIPCC chooses to ignore? If so then which agency are we to believe? Which organization subscribes to the concept of delving into and presenting all of the data regardless of what it implies or do we subscribe to the other that selectively filters the raw data and publishes only that which furthers its cause?

Think, study, ask tough questions and do not let some fast-talking political hack beat you into submission.




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