Letter: Get expert assessment of old Dalton High

Get expert assessment of old Dalton High

To the editor:

After 18 years the old Dalton High still stands boarded up and vacant. I attended middle school there and have fond memories of those days. The nostalgia for most of us has mostly dissipated. What remains is an unventilated building fa├žade enclosing potential pathogens such as salmonella, legionella, and black mold not to mention asbestos. The flood waters and moisture may have made this abandoned building unsuitable for reclamation. Let's hire experts to find out and then the options may be revealed. What they can tell us:

* Professional estimate of the cost of demolition and removal.

* A report from a licensed engineer or architect with experience in rehabilitation as to structural integrity.

* Certified estimated market value of the property both in current condition and after demotion and removal.

* An estimate from a developer, real estate consultant or appraiser with experience in rehabilitation as to the economic feasibility of reuse of existing structure.

The evaluation of the physical structure and the cost alternatives will go far in informing the public of the best option. This is now a public health danger and should not be put off and deferred based on a meeting calendar or new committee. Spend the money and find out from independent sources.

John Carroll, Dalton


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