Letter: Get facts on realities of bow hunting


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am writing in response to the "Maintain ban on Sunday hunting" letter of June 24. I have been shooting a bow for over 40 years and have been hunting with a bow for more than 30 years. Never have I, nor any archer I know, indiscriminately "flung" arrows in the woods, at targets or anywhere else for that matter.

Hunting with a bow requires skill, patience and a commitment to the ethical pursuit of any and all game. Needing an animal to be within the effective range of an arrow almost always guarantees that misidentification of your intended target is not going to happen.

The writer’s assertion that when she walks in the woods she is too busy dodging arrows to enjoy her journey is absurd. As for the comment regarding bow hunters "do not come close to the deer" and that they are "likely to aim and let fly" is just ignorance on her part. If she knew how much time and expense was involved in archery, she would know that aiming and letting fly would just be throwing money out the window.

I have always been tolerant of people who don’t share my love of hunting, and have never pushed my beliefs upon them. But, if you’re going to choose a side, please educate yourself first. There’s no wrong side to this debate unless you choose the side that refuses to educate yourself on the views of the other.




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