Letter: Give Hillary Clinton a Democratic Congress

Give Hillary Clinton a Democratic Congress

To the editor:

So now we suppose that the presidential election in November will be Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. No, it won't. Hillary will win. Trump just can't rattle up high enough numbers. It'll just be Hillary over Trump.

So why vote? Vote to get rid of the current Republican-dominated, do-nothing Congress. If you get to the voting booth, do not leave a U.S. senator or U.S. representative slot unvoted upon.

People do that. They come out to vote for president and just skip all the other choices. Wrong! Very wrong this year!

So get ready for President Hillary Rodham Clinton, but remember that she'll need an active and doing Congress to get most things done. That's where you, the voter, come in.

William A. Meier, East Chatham, N.Y.


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