Letter: Give illegal immigrants Army corps option

Give illegal immigrants Army corps option

To the editor:

No matter how each rephrases it for whom, Donald Trump wants to put up a wall on the Mexican border. Plus, as Mr. Trump pointedly reminds us, it's not just Mexicans now. Really, was it ever?

Has anyone thought of conscripting illegal aliens into an unarmed Army transit corps? Here is a path to citizenship that is affordable for our country and offers dignity to those who choose practicing allegiance over deportation. At four years obligation it's no fast track, but the conscript can expect military pay and benefits, including veterans' benefits, along with citizenship if honorably discharged.

To prevent flooding of the system and confine it to known entities, the transit corps would have two eligibility restrictions. First, a second member of the conscript's family from a different biological generation, confirmed by DNA testing, must also enter this service, and second, the younger member must be of voting age. To prevent the system from becoming a welfare organ, neither may re-enlist unless he or she has reached this service's equivalent of E-5.

Dutywise, this force would serve under the Army Corps of Engineers. What union has done a better job of maintaining and upgrading roads, bridges, runways and railways? The difference in pay alone to get these jobs done would be more than enough to finance the whole operation. Yes, Donald, with America paying for it.

Nappy Martin, Great Barrington


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