Letter: Giveaways cost Pittsfield taxpayers


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The recent news of a proposed boutique hotel in the middle of our city on the surface may seem like a good idea. However, a bigger question remains. Who is being held accountable for the 18-year tax break given to Larry Rosenthal and Joyce Bernstein by the Doyle administration for their not living up to their obligation of jobs creation on a permanent basis? Has the Bianchi administration forgiven this obligation? We the people have a right to know.

And so now we can add this to Pittsfield’s giveaway of money that is the taxpayers’, beginning with E.V. Worldwide. Add to this the failure of Workshop Live, which received $750,000 in economic development money, and now what seems to be a free ride for Link to Life and Spice.

I find it interesting that our city, once a powerhouse of economics and development, is riddled with free giveaways for the privileged few, who don’t even live in the city but are the recipients of Pittsfield money off the backs of taxpayers whose families have been here for generations and are bearing the brunt of these ill-conceived ideas of economic development. The latest give-away for economic development now comes from the Bianchi administration -- MBTA cars. If this development happens here it will be a miracle. However, freeing up more of the G.E. economic development funds without the proper scrutiny is ill-conceived. We the taxpayers have the right to have all information given to us and not just carefully selected snippets.

Government needs to be open and honest and I am not sure that we the people have the respect of this administration. My question to the mayor is, what happened with the agreement between the owners of Spice Restaurant and Link to Life and their tax forgiveness? It was for 18 years, in return for creating jobs that provide a living wage. They are now out of business on both accounts and selling the building on North Street. Therefore, they are not living up to their obligation to the citizens of our city.

How and when did this forgiveness take place? When my phone doesn’t ring I’ll know the answer.




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