Letter: Glad to be in caring, capable county


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Thanks to the helping hands and skills provided on my behalf over the recent weeks. In the early morning hours of June 16, my wife, Nancy, called for the Dalton Ambulance to come help me after I had taken a fall down the stairs and was unable to get up. Very capable Dalton police and ambulance crew took over in a kind, considerate way and delivered me to Berkshire Medical Center emergency room where expert, thoughtful, medical staff went to work, tirelessly and efficiently.

Later they sent me to the surgical floor where yet more understanding folks were ready to care for me and by 2 p.m. was taken into surgery to repair my broken femur. A few days later I was admitted to the acute rehab floor at BMC and was once again taken care of by yet another amazing team. On July 10 I was discharged to home under the thoughtful care of the Berkshire VNA.

As we reflect on all the trained, thoughtful people we have right here at home to care for us when needed, we know we are indeed blessed. We highly recommend these folks and facilities to anyone who needs a helping hand! We can understand why BMC gets high ratings and why it is so comforting to live in a small, caring community!




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