Letter: GMOs and the labeling movement


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am not opposed to including the letters GMO (for genetically modified organisms) on food labels. I also won’t hesitate to purchase and eat foods labeled as such. I would like to see more information about GMOs reported in The Eagle before the labeling movement has consumed the consumer.

This movement is reminiscent of food irradiation symbols being placed on food labels years ago. It is important to understand why both are beneficial.

Botanists at New York Botanical Garden and other notable institutions discover the ancient relatives of corn, wheat and squash, for example, then isolate and study their genes. Scientists are able to remove genes and splice them into modern day progeny, thereby reducing the large use of pesticides, as the ancient plants were less susceptible to pests. Some plants have been genetically modified to produce higher amounts of vitamin A, a vitamin much-needed throughout the world.

I’m at the age where I am more concerned with sodium and fat content of food. Why not use 16 font for these so I don’t need my glasses?


Ashley Falls, Ma.


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