Letter: Good riddance to unfair vehicle mileage tax

Good riddance to unfair vehicle mileage tax

To the editor:

I was pleased to see that the governor will veto the vehicle mileage tax that was being advocated by Tricia Farley-Bouvier. I have to wonder which side of the Connecticut River she lives on. She and two other legislators proposed that, and I quote from the August 9 article in The Eagle, "This pilot will help inform the Legislature and your administration on the viability of VMT as a policy solution to solve the problem of our steadily declining and somewhat unfairly balanced gas tax. If ever implemented statewide, we expect that a VMT programs would replace the gasoline tax."

That way all the people who fill-up in Massachusetts from out of state will get a tax break. Unfair indeed, as we drive more here in the Berkshires because we live and enjoy the rural way of life and have very little in the way of public infrastructure and even less in funding to repair what we have.

There is a bridge out in Cheshire on Sand Mill Road that has been out for over a year. At last check, the town is on the sixth round of questions from the state on the plans for the repair, which we are paying for. Changing one tax for another, especially miles driven will just add more burden to us living in the forgotten end of the state when it comes to spending.

Bill Craig, Cheshire


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