Letter: Good Samaritans are among us


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

After doing some successful ant control shopping, I decided to celebrate and treat myself by going out to dinner. Upon reaching for my wallet, after dinner, I found it missing. Fortunately, I had sufficient cash to pay my bill.

I returned to the store where I had last used my wallet to see if it had been turned it. No luck. All the way home I agonized over the grief associated with a lost wallet.

When I arrived home there were two messages on my phone. The first was from a gentleman who had found my wallet. He left his phone number and said he would drop it off at my home. The second advised me that I had yet to return home so he left it in my mailbox. I called him to thank him and offer him a reward, which he refused.

There are many more good people than bad but the bad ones get all the publicity. I thought it appropriate to give one of the good ones the publicity he deserves.




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