Letter: Good system jeopardized in Hinsdale


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As a long-time resident and public servant of the town of Hinsdale I find it saddening and disturbing that the political unrest in our town has grown to the point that anyone or any of our town’s volunteer organizations are being verbally attacked anonymously by individuals using all forms of the social media today. It has even progressed to the point that some of our public officials are being verbally attacked in open meetings with inappropriate X-rated name-calling.

I am sure that everyone agrees that any small town will have its share of political disagreements and Hinsdale sure has had its share over the years. We have always been able to deal with them in a civil and equitable manner.

Our democratic system gives us the power to be sure that our governmental officials are performing in a manner that serves all of the town residents correctly and fairly. This power of the people is the power of the vote. We have always had the power to change the political structure by voting in or out the politicians that we agree or disagree with.

We are being asked Wednesday to vote on an article that would put in place a procedure that would allow any small faction to try and remove any elected official, no matter what position they are elected to simply because they disagree with how they are doing their job. It should not be that easy.

As you can see I do not agree with this concept, which is my right to do so and it is also your right to agree or disagree. That is why I urge all Hinsdale voters to attend the Special Town Meeting at Kittredge School on Wednesday at 7 p.m. to let your voice be heard on this very important article. I would also urge everyone to be a responsible voter and seek out all the information you can in helping you make your decision and remember there is always two sides to every story.

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease but the other three wheels need that same grease to stay running smoothly without having catastrophic failure.




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