Letter: Good way to mark Roe v. Wade day


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Tomorrow, the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, many will mourn the more than 50 million fetuses whose lives have been terminated. I will, too, but I think this year my mind will linger on the suffering of the adults.

Let’s call one woman Linda. She awakes each morning thinking of the daughter she aborted 20 years ago. Each year she remembers the due date that may have been her daughter’s birthday. Linda later had a son, a boy’s boy, with whom she had little in common. Linda wonders whether she would have felt closer to the aborted baby, a girl, if that baby had been born.

She also wonders about a possible connection between abortion and the breast cancer she now has. She longs for what she gave up and fears what she received, perhaps partly or even largely, as a result of the abortion.

A dear male friend of mine is a profound adult victim of abortion. He was married to Allison and doting on their one child, a daughter, when Allison revealed she had aborted their two-month-old son. My friend didn’t know his wife was pregnant. "He was my child, too," he has said many times. "I will never meet him." The abortion incident was the largest reason my friend and his wife eventually divorced.

Now persons of any age can purchase over-the-counter potions at a drug store that will terminate a growing life in the womb. Chemical abortions accomplish exactly what surgical abortions do. They are equal. I wonder if chemical abortions will emotionally impact men and women. Will they dull the pain? Or will men and women know in their heart of hearts that a next of kin is gone?

Expectant parents who don’t feel up to raising a child should know they have neighbors who would like to help -- either by adopting your child or surrounding you with resources and support. Pregnancy Support Services of Berkshire County is located at 34 Depot Street, Room 204 in Pittsfield, (413) 443-7451. The website is www.pregnancysupportservices-berk.com.

Supporting babies and their parents is an excellent way to remember January 22, 1973.




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