Letter: GOP began destruction, Obama cleaned it up

GOP began destruction, Obama cleaned it up

To the editor:

The July 20 letter to the editor, "Hillary will continue destruction Obama began," is symptomatic of the sickness that has invaded the GOP. It is filled with generalities, misinformation, and personal attacks that are not even permitted in high school debates.

First, Ms. Clinton did no different than both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell in using her personal email account, which was more or less common practice at the time; except Ms. Clinton did it with a secure server that was not hacked, unlike many U.S. government computers. As such, it would be more appropriate if the government sought her advice in how to protect information from foreign governments, rather than blame her.

Next, what is meant by the generality "bringing the United States to its knees"? We [the U.S.] have the strongest military and are providing more health care to more citizens than at any time in our history, and providing new jobs and a restored economy that was almost destroyed by Republicans before Obama took office. It is the GOP that began the new era of terrorism by not paying attention to 9/11 warnings and starting the Iraq war; it is the GOP-supported gun lobby that has brought the Wild West and vigilante justice back into the picture.

This certainly was not helped by Chris Christie's ranting and public exhortations of "guilty" at the convention. It reminds one of the "take their heads off" justice of the French Revolution. For a former prosecutor to resort to this type of justice is despicable, and violates all the protections of the rule of law. However, Chris will have his day in court for Bridgegate.

But then again, Republicans have been about destroying constitutional government since Reagan declared that government was the problem. The answer seems, for the GOP, to bring about rule of the mob. The GOP Congress refuses its constitutional duty to vote on a presidential Supreme Court nominee, and seems incapable of doing anything but decrease Congress' approval rating to an all-time low of 9 percent. Republican right-wing fanatics destroy the credibility of a free and independent press, and the GOP demonizes all Democratic presidents — in the case of Ms. Clinton, even before she even is voted upon.

Gary Bronson, Lenox


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