Letter: GOP created Trump — America may pay

GOP created Trump; America may pay

To the editor:

Much of the blame for the emergence of Donald Trump lies with the U.S. Congress.

Trump supporters are angry, some out of work, many underpaid. They are looking for someone to represent them in Washington D.C. where their congressional representatives have been sitting on their hands for more than seven years. Yes, the representatives of the people have been grossly negligent, almost criminally negligent, in their failure to do their duty, which is to represent the people of the United States and enact legislation that corrects and benefits those who are not being treated fairly and are clamoring for change.

Now Congress is approaching traitorous behavior, as demonstrated in Republicans' pronouncement that they will not approve any Supreme Court nominee from the current president. For seven years, the majority party has brazenly acknowledged that its goal is to deprive the president of taking any action to govern. When the president tries other avenues to fulfill his constitutional mandate, he is labeled a dictator or worse. Meanwhile, deep in the working class, the anger grows.

An irresponsible egotist in the form of TV's Donald Trump will likely be the Republican nominee. Imagine that buffoon holding the executive power. The chickens have come to roost, but at every American's expense.

Linda Morse, Richmond


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