Letter: GOP platform refights old battles


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

RESET is a group of Western Massachusetts Republicans and independents who are committed to working for solutions to the problems that face our state and nation. Broadly we embrace the principles of respect for the individual and privacy, fiscal conservatism and accountable government.

It is within that context that we disavow any connection with or support for the planks in the Massachusetts Republican Party’s platform which calls abortion a "tragedy" and effectively opposes same sex marriage. These issues have been long settled by the people of the commonwealth and no longer have any place in our political discourse. We are pleased that Party Chair Kirsten Hughes has distanced herself from those positions.

We believe it is important to note that no candidate in either party is under any obligation to follow all the planks in their party’s platform. RESET believes it is time to focus on ways to build our economy and create jobs for the 250,000 people across our state who are




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