Letter: Grateful for care at Fairview Hospital


To the editor of the EAGLE:

Recently my husband and I were visiting the Berkshires after living in Florida for almost 20 years. Unfortu
nately, my husband was very ill and shortly after arriving in the Berkshires, he ended up in Fairview Hospital.

The experience that my husband and my entire family had at Fairview hospital was the best experience we have ever had at any hospital. From the dietary staff bringing carts full of hot coffee, ice water and goodies to the room several times a day, to the housekeeping staff making sure everything was clean and in order, to the extremely capable and reliable nursing staff who showed such warmth and compassion during this ordeal, and finally the doctors, whose bedside manner and knowledge of what was going on was impeccable.

There is something to be said for a small hometown hospital and the way not only the patients are treated and cared for, but also how their loved ones are treated and cared for. I am forever grateful for the time my husband spent in Fairview Hospital and the Berkshires where this small town experience was felt throughout.


Ocala, Fla.


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