Letter: Grateful for Lee's Sandy Beach angel

Grateful for Lee's Sandy Beach angel

To the editor:

This summer, the residents and guests in our town of Lee are once again fortunate enough to enjoy our beautiful town beach. Opening Sandy Beach every year is a huge undertaking, and one would never know that this is all made possible because of one woman who freely gives countless hours of her time and energy ensuring the beach is able to be enjoyed by so many. She gives so much and expects so little.

Dee Dee Consolati, Lee's Sandy Beach angel, is the woman who works tirelessly to make sure children, adults and families can enjoy this treasured natural spot. While she is snug in her chair, tucked in the corner of the beach, she is silently spreading her love and passion, something you can feel as you see all of the children laughing and playing, while the adults are chatting or relaxing.

In a world where video games are commonly played by youngsters for hours a day, and parents are struggling to make ends meet, we are blessed to have this resource in our town for us all to enjoy.

Opening day at the beach is Wednesday, June 8. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Thank you, Dee Dee, for your dedication, hard work and will to keep our beach alive!

Kelly Abdalla, Lee


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