Letter: Grating 'music' of wind turbines


This is in response to my neighbor Peter Haviland's letter of March 13, "Invitation for wind turbine research." Peter your "music" is too loud at our home, please turn it down as it keeps us from a good night's sleep at times. I'm tired of getting up feeling tired in the morning from the noise.

We don't like your "music" for a number of reasons. First and foremost the volume can be loud enough to hear in our bedroom and prevents a good night's rest. The rhythm is obnoxious and the melody is very unnatural sounding and outright disturbing. We much prefer the sounds of nature that we have been enjoying for years in our rural quiet neighborhood. It's one of the reasons we moved here long ago.

Now as to your "music" addressing climate change, I fear you have been sold a damaged bill of goods. In Europe, a large installed rated capacity of " instruments" that make your " music" haven't shown to reduce fossil fuel use or CO2 levels. If you want to reduce fossil fuel use, try these suggestions.

Stop driving your gasoline powered vehicles as transportation uses a considerable amount of fossil fuels. Try a diesel engine as they run stock very well on biodiesel and with conversion very well on used vegetable oil. This not only reduces petroleum extraction, but turns a waste product into fuel to propel the vehicle, and is truly renewable and sustainable, unlike your "music" as the instruments wear out and require maintenance that use fossil fuels.

I'm going to assume you use solar to heat with and have an energy efficient house as heating also is typically a big user of fossil fuels, so I don't need to suggest that as you are probably already doing all you can personally to stop climate change. I'm saying that to other folks who would like to do something positive for the environment.

How large is your PV system as reducing demand to the grid is a direct way to reduce fossil fuel use and a way to personally take responsibility for energy use. I'm asking because we live nearby and I'm hoping you can give us some advice as we think it's a good idea to install a PV system at our house. That would provide "local jobs" and not wreck the neighborhood or make "music" that disturbs the neighbors.

I see you are about 6,500 feet from the closest "instrument" and we are about 5,000 and I'm sure you can appreciate distance does make a difference. Now if folks want to really understand about the noise form the "music" we have an offer which is to stay at a property on Tilda Hill Rd. in Florida, MA, where you can have front- row seats to the "concert" so you can feel the "music" too. Stay for a while so it can vibrate your whole body, as a short visit doesn't give you the full effect to grove on.




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