Letter: Great Barrington bag law bad for town, visitors


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As the town of Great Barrington is now forcing me to not only purchase bags to take my groceries home in, but forcing me to fill my car with reusable bags, since I usually don’t know in advance what I’ll be buying in the store until I’m in it, I will now be purchasing less from Great Barrington grocery stores.

I refuse to fill my car with bags because I don’t know if, when, or what I’ll be buying at PriceChopper or Big Y on any particular day. Since I’m now being forced to plan my purchases in advance, I plan to order all my dry goods from Amazon as needed, and just buy milk or frozen food in town.

Another problem with this regulation, which does not give merchants the option of using compostable bags, is the town has aggravated customers with pets, who used the free grocery bags for waste disposal. Now, they’ll have to purchase plastic (yes, the dreaded plastic) bags for waste disposal themselves, since reusable bags for this purpose aren’t much of an option.

Plus, you’ll surely be aggravating visitors to the town, who will now have to spend their own money and fill their cars with reusable bags for the short time they’re in town.

This regulation was a success at a couple of things, though: it’s successfully shifted the cost of bagging groceries from grocers to locals and visitors. And, it’s doing very little to actually "save the planet." Another example of people with money to burn making excellent decisions for the rest of us. My suggestion is for Great Barrington to reverse this silly regulation.


Great Barrington


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