Letter: Great experience at Boys’ State


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

From June 14 to 20 I had the honor of attending Massachusetts Boys’ State, a civic leadership program for high school juniors hosted by the American Legion at Stonehill College.

Nearly all other states have a similar program. I had the honor of being elected governor of Boys’ State, the highest elected office possible. But I’m not writing this to brag about my accomplishments.

To attend Boys’ State, one has to be sponsored by both your high school (for me, that’s Drury) and an American Legion Post. It is because of this that I’d like to thank both Kathy Morgan, my guidance counselor at Drury, and American Legion Post 125. Attending Boys’ State is a great honor, one that holds massive weight in regards to college admissions and career planning. Had it not been for Ms. Morgan, the Drury Administration, and Post 125 the Drury delegates (myself, Luke Grant of Stamford, Vt. and Zachary Flagg of North Adams) would not have been able to attend the program and would have missed out on its many benefits. I know that speak for all three of us when I say that it was a wonderful experience that truly shaped our lives for the better.

The program also allowed us to meet many new friends and make connections that would not have been made if we hadn’t been sponsored. I made many friends from central and south county who I would not have met if I hadn’t gone to the program, especially Nick Turner of Taconic. It’s amazing that we live half-an-hour away but would not have met if we hadn’t traveled to Stonehill College.

It’s because of experiences like this that we are all thankful for the opportunity to attend the program.


North Adams


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