Letter: 'Green Energy' movement pushing good life away


To the editor:

Pittsfield, and surrounding towns, are banning plastic bags. Banning foam plastic food containers. Obstructing building of an artificial turf field by endless lawsuits. A gas pipeline faces similar obstacles. Thanks to the "Green Energy" movement we enjoy sky high electricity costs.

Is there any wonder that Sabic Innovative Plastics is moving out? In Houston they will find a happy home.

Unless the mindset changes, our future is to be a bucolic retreat for tourists and retired folk who have made their money elsewhere. Our children will live far away where they can get a good job.

One of my sons lives and works in Houston. It is a great city. Downtown buildings, parks and museums are beautiful. Of course the oil industry is big there, but the arts are well represented, and the medical facilities are as good as Boston (maybe better). There are beautiful old residential areas with reasonably priced houses, and acres of low cost new houses for those who haven't become rich, yet.

Downside is the Houston Texans (6-5) vs the NE Patriots (10-1).

To Sabic employees who may be offered transfer to Houston, don't let the chance go by without due consideration.

Ed Dartford, Stockbridge


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