Letter: Grossman offers vision, experience


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Our family is supporting Steve Grossman in the upcoming Democratic primary for governor. Steve is a capable, passionate, hard-working candidate who best represents the broad issues of opportunity, fairness and equality for Massachusetts, and has specific plans to make things happen.

Steve has many years of experience as a proven job creator, working as treasurer to invest in small business and bank partnerships, as well as developing his own family’s Massachusetts company. He is a staunch supporter of fair labor practices, providing generous sick leave and decent living wages. Steve is making universal pre-K a priority for the children and families of the Commonwealth because he knows education is a right and a necessity if we are all to succeed. To learn more about Steve’s track record and ideas for the future, watch the Steve Grossman family story on YouTube.

We have met and spoken with Steve on several occasions during his travels throughout western Massachusetts. I am a parent, teacher, former small business owner and active community member hoping for a Governor who values education, employment opportunities and social justice. He has impressed us with his intelligence, compassion and practical plans. Other candidates are "fighting," while Steve is actually working to create positive change for all of us. Let’s select Steve Grossman in the Sept. 9 primary, and elect him governor in November.





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