Letter: Groundless myth of 'crooked Hillary'

Groundless myth of 'crooked Hillary'

To the editor:

In his letter of August 19, Frederick H. Paulmann, III suggested that "Hillary Clinton is possibly the most crooked and corrupt politician ever to run for president." However, he offers no proof of this assertion.

It seems a range of the American populous has growing acceptance for the concept of "Crooked Hillary," but the reality remains they have offered no proof of this infantile assertion. In the real world, the Clintons have been pursued doggedly for 30 years, accused of one "scandal" after another, and yet, at the end of the day, none have ever actually been successfully proven, no charges have been brought, and certainly no convictions have been attained.

The end reality is that "Crooked Hillary" is a myth. One may not like the Clintons, but they should be honest about their motivations. She hasn't lied, and she isn't crooked. If one believes otherwise, they should offer proof of their assertions.

Brian W. Barnett, Glendale


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