Letter: Gun deaths, right to die, and those who have hope

Gun deaths, right to die, and those who have hope

To the editor:

There is a fascinating convergence of four events I have read about in Monday's Berkshire Eagle, which at first glance seem to have nothing to do with one another. But upon reflecting, there are unmistakable connections.

Yet again the infamous assault rifle, the AR-15, sprayed a shower of steel before the assailant could be neutralized (a euphemism for killing a human being). Reading further, there are the age-old arguments about the Second Amendment and why Congress should act NOW. If they didn't act after Newtown, does anyone really think they will act now?

Kathleen Parker's opinion page column about the right to die ("Seeking permission to die") fits right into the picture and addles the thinking, leaving only confusion in its wake. Those 49 young people who were killed in Orlando were deprived of being able to make a choice as to their time of death and how they wanted to leave this world.

Let's at least give people the right to end their suffering in a dignified way of their own choosing.

Lastly, today's paper, like several issues before, has photos of bright-eyed graduates with hope for their future.

Let's hope that they are wise enough to know that their future is tied in with the future of our great country.

Where those before them have failed, I pray that they will succeed.

Michael Symons, Great Barrington


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