Letter: Gun-riddled America must look at itself

Gun-riddled America must look at itself

To the editor:

Nothing can excuse the murders of 49 innocent people in Orlando. Maybe it is time to look at our own behavior and gain some perspective.

Even before there was an ISIS, everyone knew the US was the most heavily armed society in the world. In 2013, deaths caused by guns totalled roughly 33,000 according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This number includes 21,000 suicides and 11,000 homicides. For perspective, there were 53,400 deaths in World War I.

Statistically, gun-owning Americans tend to be white, over 55 years of age and of a high income. Many gun carriers tend to be "angry and impulsive" according to a CDC study.

If you look at the statistics you might think the US is unconsciously self-destructive. What we may need is a healthy dose of self reflection and perspective.

Elna Nugent, Lenox


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