Letter: Hamas brought war to Gaza


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

On the editorial page of the July 28 Eagle the Oliphant cartoon shows Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu] pointing his finger and saying "I Want You for a War in Gaza." This is consistent with the American and European media’s constant untrue accusations against Israel for committing war crimes in Gaza.

Eagle readers are entitled to read the whole truth. For example:

n In 2005, Israel removed 8,000 Israelis and all Israeli soldiers from Gaza in hopes of exchanging land for peace. Israel, in return, was bombarded with constant rockets aimed at civilians.

n By telephone and leaflets Israel asks Arab civilians to leave areas of Gaza where Israel intends to attack Hamas terrorists. Hamas forces Arab women and children to remain as human shields. Their deaths make Hamas propaganda.

n On the border with Gaza, Israel set up a field hospital to treat Gazan sick and wounded.

n Israel continues to supply electricity and water to Gaza. Never done by any other country in warfare.

If a single missile landed near El Paso or San Diego our United States would rightly immediately respond with military force. Israel tolerated hundreds of missiles before responding with operation "Protective Edge," whose main purpose is to prevent the loss of Arab and Jewish civilian lives.




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