Letter: Happily, US is not a theocracy


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I felt compelled to respond to the July 26 letter to the editor from Jeff Branca titled "Obama, Dems, unChristian." The religious beliefs or lack thereof of our president and those elected to serve us in government make no difference whatsoever. America is not a theocracy, and the religious beliefs of any one group in our society do not dictate laws or the function of our government.

The separation of church and state is meant not only to protect your religious right to worship and believe as you please, it also serves to protect the rest of us from others religious beliefs being imposed upon us. Whether our president or any elected official is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish or atheist, the separation clause is our protection from their religious zealotry and the dangers of theocratic tyranny.

Because our founders included this as a foundation of equality under the law for all peoples of all religions, the religion practiced by our government officials is in fact purposefully irrelevant. Personally, I find it comforting knowing these protections exist when I hear people like Mr. Branca site chapter and verse for their justification for stripping me of my constitutional rights simply because they conflict with their personal religious beliefs. I hope these protections will not be further eroded by our Supreme Court.

To those of like mind to Mr. Branca whose religious beliefs dictate that the use of certain forms of birth control is wrong, I say, "don’t use them." And likewise, if they believe abortion is wrong or evil, I recommend that they don’t have one. Under our laws it’s really as simple as that.

I also think Jesus might take issue with Mr. Branca’s most unchristian and hypocritical referencing of the poor and downtrodden among us as "the lacklusters in our nation." As an American I am grateful in the knowledge that Mr. Branca and his ilk will most certainly find that their theologically prompted demands that our modern society must contort itself to more perfectly reflect the laws and values of some bygone, post-Bronze Age, society of Middle Eastern goatherders, are constitutionally unachievable.




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