Letter: Harrington an example of a hard-working mom

Harrington an example of a hard-working mom

To the editor:

Andrea Harrington is a colleague and a friend, and I encourage everyone reading this to vote for her, especially working moms like Andrea.

I have peripherally watched campaign covered in the local media and thought it all pretty standard until I read that an opponent said she's been "invisible." I know Andrea as a fierce and brilliant litigator, community volunteer, but most importantly, as a mother of two boys. I have seen her in action at work and with her family.

I am not a huge feminist, but I do run a law practice and I have been an elected official in the Berkshires and quickly noted the subtle sexism in calling a female candidate "invisible." Women of Berkshire County, please take note that your work as a mother and employee makes you "invisible" to Andrea's opponent. You are not invisible. How many of us working moms get up early to get our children ready for school or day care and prepare their lunches while attempting to get ready for work ourselves? We work all day and come home to prepare dinner, do homework, give baths, play games, and do a bedtime routine. If Andrea were a male candidate, she would have been lauded for her successful law practice while being a "family man."

Andrea does not attend gratuitous political events, and maybe that is why she was deemed "invisible." Working mothers do not have time for nonsense, hand-shaking, back-slapping or pointless exercises in local politics. Working mothers work. Andrea works at everything she does and she's a success. She's a phenomenal attorney, a smart businesswoman, and a great mother and wife.

If you want a poised, brilliant, family-oriented, and driven leader in Boston, vote for Andrea Harrington.

Jennifer M. Breen, North Adams The writer is an attorney and former North Adams city councilor.


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