Letter: Harrington dedicated to welfare of others

Harrington dedicated to welfare of others

To the editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 8, voters will go to the polls for the primary election. In the state Senate race, I will proudly cast my vote for Andrea Harrington, who I believe has the skills and values to be the most effective legislator for our district.

Ms. Harrington is a stalwart advocate for working families. She understands that when employees are respectfully treated and properly compensated, we all win. Employees making fair wages have the ability to support the local community, thus benefiting small businesses and the local tax base. Harrington clearly understands the connection between labor and the business, between our government and its citizens.

Ms. Harrington has devoted much of her legal career to working with those individuals that many would rather forget. Her experience working to overturn death penalty convictions in Florida testifies to her commitment to social justice. Her work as a bar advocate is a local example of her willingness to stand with people in need. Those with law degrees have many options available to them; only a few like Ms. Harrington choose to use their training to benefit the most vulnerable among us. Clearly, Ms. Harrington will be a strong advocate for all of us the district no matter who we are.

Andrea Harrington will also stand for our children. As the candidate who has been against charter schools since before entering the race, she understands the financial drain these institutions place on our community school budgets. She is a public school parent who cares about the education of all of our children.

She also supports a strong public college and university system, allowing all of our citizens a chance to earn a degree or certificate. Ms. Harrington also believes in the value of a strong vocational education path, knowing that the future economy will need people with skills in many, many occupational areas to flourish.

On primary day, I will give my vote to Andrea Harrington. Her positive attitude, devotion to all citizens, proven ability to work for the vulnerable and with people across the district informed my decision. I hope you will join me in supporting the best person to be part of the local legislative team — Andrea Harrington.

Liz Recko-Morrison, Pittsfield


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