Letter: Harrington is committed for the long haul

Harrington committed for the long haul

To the editor:

On Thursday, Democrats face an important choice in the state Senatorial primary race. Of the three candidates on the primary ballot — and I have seen, heard, and spoken with all three several times — Andrea Harrington is the one with whom I am most impressed, feeling confident that she would represent our district boldly and most effectively — and would do so long enough to make a difference.

Of the other two Democratic candidates, I am most concerned about Mr. Hinds, whose recent jobs in Central and North County have been of very brief tenure. Yes, he grew up in the district (Buckland), but his earliest work, according to his publicity, has been pretty far afield. If he spent most of his first 10 working years with the United Nations in the Middle East, I wonder how long he'd remain in the state Senate once the office of U.S. representative opens up.

As for Mr. Del Gallo, I have seen him, until recently, as a fathers' rights spokesperson — a rather narrow focus.

Yes, we are fortunate to have these choices to replace Sen. Downing, who has served this district so well I don't need to stress how important this post is to this western-most region in the state.

As a former public official and political activist, I will cast my vote for Andrea Harrington, who speaks clearly on the issues facing this district, whose values and priorities match my own, and who would likely serve long enough to make a real difference for this district in the state Senate.

Since we are conditioned to vote on Tuesday, I hope folks will join me on Thursday, to vote for Andrea Harrington for state Senate.

Diane M. Gallese-Parsons, North Adams


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