Letter: Harrington is dedicated, qualified for state Senate

Harrington is dedicated, qualified for state Senate

To the editor:

Andrea Harrington is the best Democratic candidate for state Senate and is, by far, the best person to replace our out-going Sen. Ben Downing for a host of reasons.

Her qualifications are superb and her dedication to her clients is supreme. Andrea will represent each and everyone one of us with the same zeal that she represents her clients because that is the nature of her experience and talents.

First and foremost, Andrea is a Berkshire county native. She hails from a working class family from Pittsfield, whose fortunes ebbed and flowed just like the rest of the folks in the country. She will work tirelessly to bring new green, technological jobs that will launch a new round of prosperity in the district.

Andrea came back to the Berkshires so her two sons could attend Berkshire public schools just like she did. She is personally invested in making the district's schools the very best possible.

Andrea's day job — if running a small business and raising children isn't enough — is as an attorney. Andrea represents real people, families, and children who need help in dealing with legal issues. She is devoted to zealously representing all of her clients, male or female, young or old, black or white, LBGT, often without regard to the ability to pay.

The importance of Andrea's career representing real persons is that she will represent each and every person in the district with the same zeal and personal commitment that she has demonstrated with client after client.

Andrea is committed to preserving our beautiful scenic environment. Andrea intends to keep it that way. She will insure that environmentally unsound practices that threaten this beauty will not invade the Berkshires.

In addition to the long list of reasons why Andrea is the best candidate for state Senate, (you can read many more at www.andreaforsenate.com) there is one more reason why Andrea's election is so important. Not only is she the best qualified, but she will also shatter the glass ceiling that has prevented extraordinarily competent women from obtaining high public office.

Andrea Harrington is a very competent, capable, talented woman ready to lead all of us in to a new world of equality and prosperity. I urge you to vote for Andrea Harrington on Sept. 8.

Al Harper, Lenox


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