Letter: Harrington is truly a candidate for our times

Harrington is truly candidate for our times

To the editor:

As a resident of the Berkshires since 1948 who has been involved in local, national and international politics for many years — I knew and collaborated with Silvio Conte back when! — I have been thrilled to watch another Berkshire citizen, a young woman with deep roots in the community, pledge herself to public service and a run for the state Senate.

Andrea Harrington is truly a candidate for our times: from the community, yet with a perspective embracing the interdependence of our region with the state, the nation and the world. Not a "player" in Boston, but a vital presence here with a deep understanding of the economic challenges facing Western New England.

Harrington also has an appreciation of the promise of this community — from young women and men seeking jobs and an education, to cultural institutions devoted not just to summer tourists but to the welfare of our communities year-round.

I know Andrea Harrington makes no special argument for her role as a candidate who is a woman, but permit me to make that argument: I have watched how women like Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Hillary Clinton too, have brought a leadership inflected by empathy and compassion to our politics, and have challenged the paradigm of (excuse the expression) testosterone-charged patriarchal politics of the kind represented by presidential candidate Donald Trump. Andrea combines the articulate smarts of an attorney with the capacity to listen of a mature woman who is raising a family, lending support to a husband running a small business, and thinking about the needs of her fellow citizens.

That is the person we need to represent us in the state Senate and help renew our ever more challenged democracy.

Benjamin R. Barber, Richmond


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