Letter: Harrington provides an excellent example

Harrington provides an excellent example

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Andrea Harrington for state senator on Sept. 8.

While Andrea has legal training, intellect and experience as a lawyer, there is more. She is a positive example, of which our community and children can be proud! She is well-spoken, respectful and determined, thus able to communicate, influence and persuade.

Contrast the current presidential election, a carnival sideshow! That alone is sad, but the trickle-down effect is worse on our communities and children. The barbaric, mudslinging nature of our presidential race doesn't resemble civilization. Help put the civil back in civilization!

Anchored through generations of family, Andrea cares. Andrea and her husband, Tim, are business people. Her extended family is absolutely incredible, hard-working, self-made, working class and humble. When your reasons are driven by heart, love and positive example, you are a winner because you have access to greater power. As a mother of two incredible children, Andrea understands that the resolution of problems comes from the drive behind love and peace.

The presidential election is driven by ego, blame, denial and lies — bad examples for our communities and children to absorb. Poor communication builds barriers that distract from accomplishment. Respect and understanding open doors. When you speak with clarity, you will communicate more effectively.

Andrea communicates with respect and grace, listening and understanding the whole situation. Andrea is a positive role model with a history of actions of which she can be proud! We have the power on Sept. 8. Choose Andrea Harrington for state Senate.

Bernie Fallon, West Stockbridge


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