Letter: Harrington will bring principled toughness

Harrington will bring principled toughness

To the editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 8, I'll proudly cast my vote for Andrea Harrington to represent us in the state Senate.

Her energetic campaign has demonstrated that she'll bring a powerful, progressive and independent voice to issues that matter: Creating opportunity for working families by building a locally based, sustainable, fair economy; making necessary investments in public education and health care; reform of our criminal-justice system, and protecting public health and our environment by standing up to corporate polluters and the fossil-fuel industry.

It's a rare opportunity. Too often, elections offer more of the same: Safe, tired, nonspecific rhetoric from candidates more interested in ingratiating themselves with the powers-that-be than boldly standing up and speaking out for their constituents. But this year we can elect a state senator with experience, ideas, courage and vision that will make a real difference.

I'm certain that Andrea Harrington's principled toughness will earn respect and cooperation from her colleagues in Boston while also putting vested interests on notice: Her knowledge, passion, and compassion will be deployed forcefully every day on behalf of her constituents, and she won't allow the money and politics-as-usual power of status-quo interests to get in her — or our — way.

Bill Shein, Alford


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