Letter: Harrington will speak for those who need help

Harrington will speak for those who need help

To the editor:

The state Senate race reminds me of the lyrics to an old spiritual song I love: "I'm just a nobody; trying to tell everybody; about somebody; who's about helping everybody!" Which is why I will be casting my vote Thursday for Andrea Harrington.

I believe Andrea is the right person to represent Western Mass. and the Berkshires specifically. Andrea will be that voice that speaks for all because she knows what it is like to struggle; to grow up with limited resources, much like so many of us in this community.

As a small business owner, Andrea understands that it is the small business owner that keeps the economy of our communities strong and people working. As a mom she has been active in her local school council, and she understands how important a quality education is for all youth. She knows that it is cheaper to educate, than it is to incarcerate.

I attended Andrea's state Senate campaign launch event. It was there that I learned of the work that she had done here and in Florida as an attorney. Andrea has a clear track record of commitment to social justice. She is no "Johnny-Come-Lately" motivated by access to power and looking to make a name for herself. Andrea is a woman who knows how to practice what she preaches.

I also respect the fact that she is an independent candidate, unfettered by political alliances and special interests, which have been such a destructive force for our community. She will be a free independent voice for all citizens. We need this now more than ever.

Dennis L. Powell, Pittsfield


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