Letter: Hatred is apparently all GOP has to offer

Hatred is apparently all GOP has to offer

To the editor:

The true intentions of the remnants of the Republican Party were on display last week on national television. The theme of the Republican National Convention came through loud and clear as speaker after speaker, following the despicable example of the party's new hero and verbalizing the planks of the party's pathetic platform, spewed HATRED in upper case letters.

Every minority receives its share: HATRED for Mexicans, HATRED for Muslims, HATRED for blacks, HATRED for immigrants, and HATRED for women too. But the most venomous HATRED was aimed at Hillary Clinton.

For nearly eight years, Republicans have focused their HATRED on Barack Obama. The clearly stated priority of Republicans in Congress is to block Obama's every proposal and to do their best to eviscerate the nation's health insurance program. They brag about this. Their persistent refusal to fulfill the duties of their oath of office is an impeachable offense, but who dares mention that?

Supporters of Donald Trump should be careful what they wish for. Do these voters really harbor as much HATRED for their neighbors as Trump and his surrogates preach?

Is this the country we want to live in? Trump demonstrates his shocking lack of presidential qualities each time he opens his mouth. Will his cabinet members and advisers be chosen from the list of inflammatory convention speakers? Can the United States survive an administration based on HATRED? Should the Republican Party be renamed the "HATRED Party"?

Hillary Clinton has made a few mistakes, as most of us have, but she is not a "crook" as Republicans would have us believe. She should base her campaign on Joe Biden's wise remark: "Don't judge me against the Almighty, judge me against the alternative."

Richard C Henneberry, Melbourne, Fla., Canaan, N.Y.


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