Letter: Hazardous curb causes injury, repair costs

Hazardous curb causes injury, repair costs

To the editor:

To the town of West Stockbridge:

I understand that 10 cars a week get a flat hitting the protruding curb. (On Route 102 near Swamp Road intersection, Eagle, Jan. 26). My friends and I were traveling to Kripalu when we hit the curb on March 4. The car needed two new tires, a new wheel, and about $2,000 in additional repairs. Two of us had injuries — back and neck and concussion and neck.

I think your town needs to consider a fix. Paint it yellow or put up a sign. Your town is quaint and beautiful, but this curb is a liability. I know I will never return.

Being aware of this problem and not fixing it is negligence. The next person who hits it could be pregnant, elderly, or frail and have an even worse outcome.

This is costing me thousands of dollars as well as pain and suffering. Does your town have liability insurance to cover my costs? This curb needs to be fixed!

Pat Schmitt, Aston, Pa.


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