Letter: Health care system causes suffering


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I had an appointment with a foot specialist Jan. 3 as I have had trouble with my left foot for two years. The office called that morning to cancel my appointment because Mass. Health put me into a coverage that neither my doctor nor the specialist accept. I live in Western Massachusetts and cannot afford to drive to Boston for a doctor or hospital that accepts the new coverage.

So now I am supposed to go on Social Security or Medicare to have my foot fixed so I can go back to work? If this is the Affordable Care Act, then what happened to Mass Health?

The consequence is that we the people must suffer. I said that President Obama was not going to unplug Grandma because he was never going to plug her in. At the time, this was a joke. Now I’m afraid this is reality.

Can we recall our elected officials? We need to, and if we can, we should. We need to do this as loving, caring individuals, not as Democrats or Republicans, because as a people we have been lied to. This may be the largest case of fraud ever perpetuated, not only on individuals but on we as a people.




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