Letter: Help is appreciated in fight against long-term illness


To the editor:

My daughter Tracy Horton has been sick 11 years with a serious pancreas, immune system and lung problems. Probably half that time she has been in hospitals in Springfield, Boston, Albany and mostly at BMC. Many times she has almost lost her battle to live.

The most recent was in Nov. 2015 where she was in ICU. The doctors called us in the room and doubted she would make it. Through the wonderful care of the nursed and doctors her will to live and God's help she once again beat the odds. I truly believe her will to live to take care of her son with autism keeps her going.

When she came to stay with us in August she weighed only 65 pounds. She now weighs about 105. She has a feeding tube that helps her with her pancreas and weight problems. She does require the visiting nurses who have been very helpful as well.

The Dalton Ambulance and County Ambulance personnel have made many trips to my house and her home. Their care has been exceptional. The ER doctors and nurses at BMC also have given her outstanding care. Without the help off all of the above my daughter would not be here today. God's help as well.

She is currently at BMC. We have about one more week to get house ready. Her struggles are many and the financial problems dealing with a long-term illness are overwhelming. Her family lives in an older two story house in Pittsfield that my wife, myself and a carpenter we hired are fixing it up as it needs to be handicap accessible. Tracy is on oxygen and getting up and down the stairs is too much for her. Her bathroom downstairs and upstairs need work to make it easier for her.

I have set up a "gofundme" account and also will set up one with the Greylock Bank on Merrill Road. Her gofund me account is gofundme.com/eqmqxa3c. Any and all help is appreciated. We need an electrician also for a few minor issues.

Again, thank you to all her doctors, Dr. Aucoin her guardian angel, and all for their care.

Dan McGinnis Sr., Dalton


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