Letter: Help Pittsfield taxpayers by cutting budget

Help taxpayers by cutting Pittsfield budget

To the editor:

It is essential that Pittsfield city councilors become brave and tell the mayor to come back with a city budget that reflects a 5 percent reduction in every city department for 2017 and again in each of the next three years there after that.

The taxpayers of this city are starting to take notice as to what each and every one of the councilors approve or disapprove in the city budget. I will step up by detailing what each and every one of you do as councilors on my weekly TV show "The Gaetani-Pittsfield News Hour" on Fridays on PCTV, Channel 16. The microscope will be on you continuously with me behind the lens.

I am speaking on behalf of the taxpayers who have no champion among those who make up the political structure of this city. Many taxpayers are a paycheck away from financial disaster and are having to choose between paying their property taxes or forgoing eating or purchasing medicine. The elderly who are having to make these grave decisions are the people who built this city.

You people on the City Council have no concern for them. I have great concern for them. I will do everything in my power to help these taxpayers. You can show concern for them also by doing what I stated earlier. Start slashing the city budget and stop being concerned only for the Good Old Boy-Special Interest Groups (GOBSIGs) who elected every one of you.

I and all of you taxpayers must work together to make our city strong and most importantly to ensure that no large-scale projects like the Taconic High School project ever go to construction without the owners of the city, the taxpayers, having a say as to how their tax dollars are spent.

A significant reduction in the budget that I detailed earlier is a must. Start cutting the budget, and fast, before more taxpayers have to sell their homes and move out of Pittsfield because they can no longer afford the never-ending rise in property taxes Those who approve of these ridiculous rises will pay dearly at the voting booth, and I will be right there to identify those who need to go in the next city election.

Under any circumstances, the following must go in the next city election — Tully, Simonelli, Krol, Amuso and Connell on the City Council, the entire School Committee, and the mayor. The six councilors I did not name must step up and think only of the taxpayer and vote their desires or they will be added to the list of those who must go.

This is my lesson and recommendations to help the city move forward. Please think of the taxpayer before approving additional unnecessary spending. I am trying to help all of you, especially the taxpayer, who is priority No. 1.

Craig Gaetani, Pittsfield


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