Letter: Help WGBY continue to cast a bright light

Help WGBY continue to cast a bright light

To the editor:

December is the month when deep cold sets in and the sun seems very far away. It can be a depressing time, so no wonder so many cultures fill the days with lights, good food and good cheer. One of my favorite lights is WGBY, our public television station.

In an over-commercialized world with sensationalism designed to make us feel frightened and incompetent, public television bucks the trend. Instead, it offers understanding and positive thought. I wouldn't want to raise my kids in a world without "Curious George" or "Sesame Street." WGBY takes very seriously its mission to educate tender minds. It is building a better, brighter future through support and respect for all.

WGBY offers a haven from dark negativity and ignorance. "Sherlock" and "Downton Abbey" are my favorite escapes. WGBY entertains us in ways that don't degrade our spirits. It supports artists, community leaders and voices of all those who want to help make the world a better place. It does this through support by the communities it serves.

Many people incorrectly think public stations are supported by the federal or state governments. Government money barely covers the dues to be a PBS member. It is community members that sustain our public television. We build the content through donations so our shows can be broadcast. We create a voice to hear our own thoughts reflected when we support. WGBY wants to hear from you!

In a world where newscasters aim to scare us by speculating about negative possibilities, I encourage everyone to keep supporting each other with good wishes and good deeds. I encourage everyone to watch WGBY and positive entertainment to help keep the feelings of warmth and generosity alive. Every little bit matters just as we all matter.

Beth De Voe, Williamstown The writer is a member of the WGBY Board of Tribunes.


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