Letter: Her positive campaign reflects Clinton's values

Her positive campaign reflects Clinton's values

To the editor:

Vulgarity rationalized as candor, cynicism masquerading as vision, and opinion polls substituting for actual value — this is the 2016 road to the White House. In the midst of all these dismaying elements, there is a single candidate with the consistently positive tone, inclusive vision, and proven leadership skills that distinguish her from the rest — Hillary Clinton. That is why I am supporting her in the March 1 primary, and I look forward to electing her our next president in November.

I had not supported Clinton in 2008, so last year I looked at the Democratic field with truly fresh eyes. I wanted to get behind a candidate who understands the complexity of our society, our economy, and our role in the world in the 21st century. I wanted a candidate who has already demonstrated strength, character, and competence. I wanted a candidate who understands what it means to be accountable for her decisions. In Hillary Clinton, I have found a combination of passion and know-how that already have made her a respected international leader, and a woman whom I can trust to make the right choices for American families.

And, I admire Clinton for the campaign she is running. It reflects her values, showcases her ideas, and displays her knowledge. Most of all, it shows respect for the people whom she seeks to serve.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for offering your service to America once again. I am glad to be with you.

Suzanne Bump, Housatonic The writer is state auditor of Massachusetts.


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