Letter: Hillary Clinton earns our scorn, not our respect

Hillary earns our scorn, not our respect

To the editor:

John Seven believes Hillary Clinton is worthy of our respect for what she has accomplished (column, Feb. 8). My question is: For what should she be respected?

She has jeopardized the lives of CIA agents by keeping their names on an unsecured email server in her home. She has endangering our national security by sending and receiving classified emails on that same server. She failed to honor requests for additional security at our consulate in Benghazi, and then lied to the families of the victims and to the American public about why they were attacked and killed in order to support a reelection narrative.

She lied about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia — in the process disrespecting every American serviceman who ever has. She discredited the women who accused her husband of sexual assault and now panders for women's votes by saying all women should be believed. She bashes police across the country implying they are terrorizing our communities, pandering for the black vote.

She fired career staffers of the White House to make room for Clinton cronies and Arkansas friends. She accepts Clinton Foundation donations from governments that abuse the human rights of women. She failed to honor a pledge to issue an annual report of all Clinton Foundation donors while she was secretary of state, leading to possible foreign influence on the nation's top diplomat.

Her husband pardoned convicted tax evader Marc Rich, whose wife made significant contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign. Her supervisor fired her from a House committee investigating the Watergate scandal because, according to the supervisor, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer.

I'm sorry Mr. Seven but these actions are not a way to earn respect. Respect is earned with honesty, truthfulness, compassion, integrity, and humility. I see none of these characteristics in Hillary Clinton. She is not a person to be respected, but a person to be scorned.

Brian Tomkowicz, Adams


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