Letter: Hillary Clinton has a plan and will fight for it

Hillary has a plan, and will fight for it

To the editor:

I trust Hillary Clinton! This is a time when all candidates promise us whatever they think we want to hear. If we look closely, we'll see that while there are some similarities in campaign pledges Hillary and her opponent have made, there is (at least) one very big difference. Hillary has a plan. She is not only saying what needs to happen, she is saying how she will do it and she has the experience to know how to make it happen.

I listened to her speech in New Hampshire. She touched on crucial points such as equal pay for women. That's right women, as far as we have come, we will still be paid less for the same job held by a man.

Case in point: The mother who had worked for a company for 30 years but when her son was hired to do the exact same job as her in the same company, he was paid more money. She was happy for her son and would never want the money taken from him but felt and rightly so that her salary should reflect 30 years of service at his prevailing wage.

I want to know there is someone in the White House who will not back down. Who will fight for what is right. Who believes what she says and stands by it. I want that person who is so feared by the far right that she is their main focus.

I trust Hillary to get the job done. On March 1, I'll cast my vote for her. I hope you will as well.

Kimberley L. Borden, Pittsfield


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