Letter: Hillary should pick fight with Republicans

Hillary should pick fight with Republicans

To the editor:

I watched Secretary Hillary Clinton testify before the House Committee on Benghazi on Oct. 22, 2015. Not all 11 hours, but most. One thing became clear to me. Hillary was commanding the room. She shrugged off "gotcha" questions, demonstrated an in-depth knowledge on foreign policy, and remained calm in the face of tough questions. In other words, she looked presidential. In the following days, respondents who felt they were "unsatisfied" with the secretary's response to the terror attacks in Libya dropped from 44 percent to 38 percent.

Hillary was successful in the Benghazi hearings because that's her wheelhouse. She does well in debates because she's smart and prepared. She did well in front of the Benghazi hearing because she's smart and prepared. Keeping Hillary controlled and "on-script," evading questions about her use of private email and potential conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation makes her look shady, simple as that. She's better in a fight.

Here is my advice to Hillary Clinton. Pick a fight and volunteer to testify before the House on emails and the foundation.

Firstly, Republicans couldn't agree to it. The public would view it as massive partisan overreach during a presidential election. It reinforces the narrative that conservatives cannot win elections outright. As a result, Hillary will appear that she took unprecedented measures to exhibit transparency and called the Republican's ultimate bluff.

If Republicans agree to Hillary testifying before the House, here is how it will play out. Democrats will call it a red herring in an attempt to sway a presidential election. All the while Congress could have spent their time more wisely improving the lives of middle class Americans.

There will be a sexist component to the hearing. As a woman, Hillary has always been held to different standards. This will only increase Hillary's lead with women nationally and she should see a bump in the polls.

During an election season, the mantra is to avoid controversy at all costs. Well, Hillary has not done well avoiding controversy. So go ahead Hillary; pick a fight.

Steven Green, Great Barrington


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